Arabic Language Evolution

The Arabic language is one of the most popular languages of the world and a lingua franca for the Arab world. It is a central language spoken at first in the Iron age northwestern Arabia. The language is named after Arabs which are initially classified as people that lived from Mesopotamia all the way to Sinai.

The Arabic language has different varieties which are considered to be mutual unintelligible. The implication of this scenario is that it could be seen as different languages on a linguistics basis but is lumped together as one language for the purpose religious and political reasons. However, considering it as a single language means it is one of the first six spoken languages all over the world with an estimated 420 million speakers both native and non native in the Arab world.

The Arabic language has evolved into a much modern version known as the Modern standard Arabic which is derived from the language of the Quran. This is the Arabic language that is seen in the mainstream for example, being taught in schools, used in media and in the government circles. This variety is what is known today as Literary Arabic and it has become the official language for as much as 26 countries including the UAE.

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