Business Environment in Dubai

Dubai is a city that has been in continuous rise for the past few decades, continuously expanding to become one of the biggest economies in the Middle East. There are so many opportunities in the city of Dubai for everyone including both local and foreign investors. In fact, the city has been attracting a lot of traders as a result of the numerous free trade zones in the city that has been offering a lot of incentives for businesses. In Dubai itself there are currently 24 free zones in operation, developed for specific sectors and industries including ICT, media, finance, gold and jewelry and health care. There is full corporate tax and customs duty exemption on imported raw materials and equipment, with no levy on exports and imports. This gives a whole lot of advantages as investors are left with a lot of options when doing business in the city.

The business environment in Dubai is one that is well managed as the economy is open to a high level of per capita revenue. In addition, the city of Dubai has 2 financial centers making it attractive for business. The Dubai business environment offers endless opportunities for local and international business whether big or small establishments.

Conducting business activities in Dubai will require international investors to register with the local authorities before they can embark on their business. As it stands, there is really no restriction for international investors to start up any business anywhere in the city they deem fit. However, organizations trading in the city can make use of legal and commercial agents. If language barrier exists, there are interpretation services in Dubai available to help business reach their local target.

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