Difference between Translation and Interpretation

There is always a possibility that you may want to communicate with someone who does speak the language you speak. Yes, it is true that you can use body language or gesture to get through but it is better the next person understands the exact meaning of the message you convey.

The issue is that translation and interpretation are normally used interchangeably. However, looking at it in technical terms, it is incorrect due to the fact that translations denotes written while interpretation is oral except interpretation which use sign languages.

It is important to understand that professional translators will only translate into their native language and this is partly because translated documents are expected to be free of errors and grammatically correct. However, interpretation is done at the same time the speaker is speaking or the speaker stops periodically to allow time for the interpreter to convey the meaning to the audience.

There is modern translation software which could work but it is important not to rely on them for legal, business and financial documents translation. This is because they are preprogrammed and may not capture the accurate meaning the document is actually trying to convey.

For people who do business or other transactions in the Middle East, there are translation services in Dubai where you could find professional translation in business, legal, financial etc. Besides, you could also get interpretation services in Dubai where you can find help with interpreting spoken languages which could be useful during conferences or seminars etc.

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