Dubai Evolution through the Years

Dubai has seen a lot of evolution over the years from just being desert decades ago to one of the most urbanized, lively and technological developed city it is now. Dubai story has been more of a miracle to the world. In fact, it is just an example how fast cities can change with dramatic speed that renders the skyline unrecognizable just within decades.

In the 1980s and 90s, it was the beginning of the making of the modern Dubai as it took the decision to become the major international tourism destination and this has paid off over the years. As it stands now, the city of Dubai is now one that boasts of world class entertainment, world class architecture, unmatchable hotels and beautiful sporting events. In fact, you have a hotel which is the only declared seven star rating hotel all over the world in Dubai which is “Burj Al Arab” hotel. Dubai also has Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world, reminding us how far the city has upgraded so fast. Dubai also host major international events like ATP tennis tournament, the Dessert Classics and Dubai world cup.

Like other areas in the Middle East, Dubai could be challenging especially in the area of language of communication for business visitors. However, you could walk into any translation office in Dubai and get a professional help for your legal documentation issues, business, marketing and other translation services. Dubai is really one of the best cities now and draws a lot of visitors every year.

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