Dubai Expo 2020 – it’s just 4 years to go

It was a great day in the UAE after the voting night in Paris that picked Dubai as the venue for hosting of the World Expo in 2020. It was a great night as Dubai saw off competition of Turkey and Russia who were eyeing the hosting right. However the question is: how will Dubai expo 202 benefit the UAE and probably the entire region?

Dubai Expo 2020 is a continuation of the world expo which takes place every 5 years after the last world expo in Milan 2015. The expo is a large and public fair where participants drawn from almost all the industries from over 180 nations are free to exhibit their products to about 25 million visitors. It is now four years to go for the much awaited Dubai Expo 2020 and the government alongside other industries has started their preparations in full gear.

Many industries and service providers like the media, tourism, education, telecommunication and other sectors are going to be experiencing some notable development all over the region and obviously leading to a boast in economy of the UAE. Another sector to watch out from the expo is the interpretation services in Dubai which is going to benefit from the exposure.

The city of Dubai is certainly preparing for the event and is working to make this Expo an unforgettable one that would thrill and amaze the ones who will visit. It promises to be one of the greatest ever shows.

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