Effects of Internet in Today’s Lifestyles

So many things including habits in the world have changed due to the use of internet. Using the internet is now like a routine for a whole lot of people because most people cannot even stay without having to check their emails, update their social media accounts, playing online games and browse for news and gossips. In fact, the internet have influenced and changed our lives forever. However, looking at the effect of internet in our world, one can point out the following issues:

Smaller World

Internet has really made the world smaller than what it used to be. In fact, everything seems to be easier and things done in a faster pace than it have ever been. For example, with the internet, you can shop online in a minute, search for information, communicate with people one on one, make business transactions and many other things. Everything seems to be moving on a faster lane with the internet.

The internet has redefined the concept of time and space in such a way that worldwide events are flashed within minutes than even the conventional media and this is amazing.

In addition, the internet is now the source of most information instead of relying on books, conventional newspaper, journal etc… for information. It makes communication faster and easier than we have ever imagined and has helped more convenient transactions all over the world. In fact the internet is life enriching and indeed an influential piece of technological advancement to the world.

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