Why Google Translate is not the Best When it Comes to Business Translation

Over the years most people have begun to question the efficacy of Google Translate as an alternative to professional translator. The reality is that Google translate gets more popular because it is actually free to use but note that any freeware will also come with its own type of problems.

For example, a business expanding into a foreign market where Arabic is spoken decides to change their website to Arabic and instead of hiring a professional translator decides to use a Google Translate in order to save cost. This is a possibility but the question is that, would it give them what they want? The truth is that Google Translate is not adequate for business because no business can survive an inaccurate or a faulty translation. Serious translations require human understanding and not a pre-programmed understanding of the language. For example, in the case of the Arabic language, it is an intricate language will only require professionals to catch every of the linguistic nuances associated with the language. Any small change in a sentence can alter the meaning drastically and this is not good for business. Therefore, some people who wants to buy your product or service, in correct translation or Google Translate may not capture the features of those products properly which could lead to decrease in sales.

Human translators remains the best for business and for translating to Arabic and other languages, there are translation services in Dubai which can give you the best translation for your business in the city of Dubai.

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