History of Spoken Language

Communication is something all living beings do engage but it is only humans who take it a step further with communication in speech like form in different languages. However, it is so confusing to think about the origin of languages, how these millions of words came from and how these languages are spoken. It is important to note that millions of words are being used in many languages on daily basis by people around the world and at the end; the words have their own similar meanings in every language. What is actually fascinating about languages is that they have just been there but unfortunately we tend to take it for granted.

There are many theories on the history of language. While some believe that language originated somewhere between 20,000 and 100,000 years ago even though it is debatable since there is no hard evidence to that effect. The theories are there but the issues remains how these things can be validated. However, most people think languages came as a result of human development and evolutionary process while some others think it is part of the adaptation to surroundings by humans but whether all these theories are true or not cannot really be proved.

It is important to note that language undergoes changes from time to time and no one will ever speak all languages. This is why there is a need for translation services especially in business hubs. For instance, Professional translation in Dubai is needed especially for people doing business in the UAE who cannot speak the local language.

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