The Importance of professional Translators and Interpreters

The importance of translators and interpreters can never be over emphasized because an error can be disastrous. For example, the media was awash with an error in translation of a speech by a Syrian refugee in Uruguay. The issue was that the translator added words that the refugee didn’t say after it was verified with other translators and interpreters in the Arabic language. The importance attached to translation is high because any mistake could be costly. In fact, in political circles, it could even lead to a major unintended conflict.

In order to get it right with language translation and interpretation, the media and government sources always try to get professionals to do the job because whatever that comes out of these quarters will incur all kinds of opinions. It does not necessarily mean that others cannot do the task if they understand the languages; however there is a need to apply caution. For example, in cases of natural disaster, there is nothing wrong in using volunteers who have the knowledge to translate or interpreter languages. However, it is important to ensure that volunteers have the knowledge to give accurate translations and interpretations.

Misunderstanding can result to a bad translation or interpretation in medical treatments, legal documentations, business deals etc… For example, in business known cities like Dubai, the importance of translation is well understood and that is why you can find a translation offices in Dubai where translation services can be obtained.

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