Most Popular Lost Languages

One thing about languages is the fact that they are human creations and as such may have a life cycle. In fact, there is every possibility that some lost languages may have even evolved into some others. However, some other languages although were popular but have been lost with time and cannot even have a trace. Below are some of the most popular lost languages

Eteocretan is a language of the Minoans of Crete, a small island in today’s Greece. The language is difficult to decipher and unfortunately there is no relation to any modern day language. It is poplar during its time but unfortunately it is now lost.

Dacian is another language that has been lost. It was spoken by the inhabitants of Dacia that are found in today’s Romania. The problem started when the people of Dacia adopted Latin and from there on, the language which was difficult to reconstruct started fading away and eventually lost.

Hunnic is another popular lost language even though scholars account on the build up to the loss remains debated. However, it is being said that the Huns did not put their language into writing making it difficult to reconstruct hence the loss.

Unfortunately there are still languages today that are on the verge of extinction. However, there is a lot of languages still in use today. Since everyone cannot understand all languages, translation services are in hot demand. For example, in places like Dubai, you can get professional translation in Dubai for your business, medical and legal translations.

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