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I had a couple of documents that needed to be translated from Russian to Arabic, after a short conversation with Amer (from TGS), I chose to work with them. I didn’t have time on my hand and I wanted the translated documents urgently, TGS dealt with everything in less than 24 hours! The work was likewise incredible quality! What awesome administration! I highly recommend Translation Gate to anyone who is in need.

Dr. Mohamad Alhomsi
Dentist, Dubai Healthcare City

Availing Our services – Quote and Work!

At Translation Gate Services we offer pristine translation and interpreting for all professionals.  We have experts who know how to go beyond industry standards to protect your brand value and virtual reputation. Our experts are quick but not hasty in the work they complete. This is why all our translations are accurate documents with high levels of quality. Translation Gate Services work makes sure clients come back year after year. Are you prepared to make use of our services? Do you want all your translation needs met completely? Do you wish to take your business content to the next level? If yes, don’t think again.

Why Us?

A lot of people identify Translation Gate Services as a premiere service for its features and comprehensive interface. Everything in our company is structured and well-defined. You will have to opportunity to upload content, request for quotes, get work done and pay without any hassles. Doesn’t this sound like an ideal service? Voila, this is what Translation Gate Services is all about! We are an ideal service provider with plenty of offerings for you. Given an opportunity, we will make sure you have the best translation in hand! Are you prepared to witness our translation services? If yes, you are in the right page!

When it comes to quotes, the cost of translation or transcription depends on many factors. We determine the final rate based on the document’s difficulty and the length. This means, we need to take a good look at your document before making a decision. You should be delighted to know that Translation Gate Services takes time and translate documents very carefully. The quote can be altered to suit the style of the script too! Also, we take into consideration the quality of the current document. Therefore, all your quotes will be customized to suit your needs. We work in line with industrial standards, when it comes to analyzing and estimating your document.

Transcript Gate gives you the freedom to upload documents in different format. Though we prefer PDF documents, fear not! Our system is designed to accept JPEG images and TXT documents too. Anything you send us will be used to provide a detailed quote. Doesn’t this give you a reason to try Translation Gate Services? Meanwhile, the original content will be protected in every means. It wouldn’t be shared with anyone or published online. All our transactions and translation content are performed in a secure platform with plenty of ethics in mind.

The Steps

    So, go ahead and use our translation Services. Here are few steps to give you a kick start:

  1. Prepare your original document in .pdf, .txt or .jpeg format
  2. Upload the document online. The file will reach our database and thus, expert translation service providers.
  3. Request a quote. In most cases, our experts will start work on your document immediately. You will receive a quote within few short hours.
  4. Once the final quote is prepared, you will receive a quotation by email.

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