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I had a couple of documents that needed to be translated from Russian to Arabic, after a short conversation with Amer (from TGS), I chose to work with them. I didn’t have time on my hand and I wanted the translated documents urgently, TGS dealt with everything in less than 24 hours! The work was likewise incredible quality! What awesome administration! I highly recommend Translation Gate to anyone who is in need.

Dr. Mohamad Alhomsi
Dentist, Dubai Healthcare City

The internet has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. Indeed, it doesn’t have any boundaries! More than one-third of the global population relies on the internet. The growth of this virtual market ranges between 200 and 300 percent per annum. With the internet expanding heavily, companies are expected to think globally and with websites in mind. They should be very careful in how content is constructed for the website. This is where website localization services in Dubai become useful. The professionals are trained and experienced in creating localized content for websites. They know how content has to be translated for optimized search results. If a company wishes to scale its budgets and enjoy massive revenues, they should splurge on website localization.

Going Low Budget?

Even if you are running on a low budget, website localization plays a critical role. It is important for you to move forward in the virtual race. According to experts, website localization services in Dubai have a unique strategy to help companies that are low in budget. These service providers make sure website localization is altered to suit all budgets. Here is a simple overview on how they optimize content for websites efficiently.

Important Questions

First of all, website localization services in Dubai prepare technically. They do a lot of things beforehand and ensure that the website is business ready. Early preparation reduces re-engineering work. Consequently, they take care of content management and other optimization procedures. Localization is meant to be an important decision website developers make. Unfortunately, very few website developers have time or the expertise to focus on localization. This is why the task is outsourced to website localization services in Dubai. Here are few questions the localization services ask:

  • Version? – The professionals determine the version of the content translated. They ensure that your website content is presented in the right version!
  • Language? – Website localization services verify if the translated content has to match with the browser’s language or if the user has to be allowed to make a choice. This is an important decision that can influence the overall architecture of your site.
  • Format? – Website localization services in Dubai have experts who know the cost-effective and most appropriate format for your translated content. This could be anything like doc, xml, xls, html or xliff. These are formats that cut down costs and speed up the entire translation process.
Ensuring Optimization

To ensure better page ranks and online visibility, websites should be optimized. Once again, website localization services in Dubai know how this works. Even if your budget is very tight, the experts will be able to offer you optimized content. It is quite easy for web developers to fall into the trap of culture-centric design. If you really want to grab a global market, you should shift your site’s perspective. That is where expertise and knowledge comes into the picture. Talented localization services can achieve this for you! In fact, they do this by keeping things simple and clear.

The content

If it is in French for example, does the vocabulary need to be specific to the regions where it is spoken? In other words, do you need it localized for France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada or all regions.

Graphical elements

Some graphical elements on a website may have language-specific content. We can assist in getting this changed.


Do your products need to show local currency conversions?

Form feedback

Some of your clients will want to communicate with you in their own language. Likewise, you will need to respond in their language. We can make this happen seamlessly.

Alert messages

Feedback forms usually have alert messages to tell you if you have provided insufficient or incorrect information. We will identify these alert messages and provide foreign language equivalents.

Search engine optimization

a very important area if you want your website to be noticed in foreign language search engines. Our experts will suggest foreign language alternatives to the key phrases you are targeting and will also check your page to see that it is correctly configured to identify the language and character set in use.

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