The History of Translation

The need for translation is on the rise in recent times as globalization continues to take greater shape all over the world. The internet is spreading fast, the world cultures are developing fast and hence the need for translation is on the rise to meet up world demand. Many experts believe that a good translation must understand both the language and culture they are trying to translate.

However, in talking about translation history, it is good to talk about the names and theories that characterize each different periods that translation evolved. These periods have been characterized by changes in the history of translation.

In the early centuries, the theory of the tower of Babel where the descendants of Noah was scattered over the earth increasing the number of languages and causing translation suffice at that time. However, people moved away from this theory as they looked for specifics in figures and dates as it marks the history of translation. So many schools of thought have talked about translation history even if some of the translation history is distinct and relatively unknown.

The later part of the 20th century has seen the subject of translation become very important in language teaching and learning. This has also increased the need for more translation as well as the accuracy. Looking at the 21st century, translation occurs now in legal, business, marketing, technical etc… especially in fast moving societies. For example, translation services in Dubai captures how far the need for translation has become as businesses meets visitors from all over the world.

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