Translators who have Made a Difference

Translators have made a lot of difference when it comes to communication even though they have lived in the shadows of writers and authors who they translate their work. Some Translators have also been famous over the years due to their funny antics they exhibit in the course of their work. Below are some translators who have made their mark

Constance Garnett

She became one of the most famous translators while translating Russian literature which include the work of Chehkov. She was a prolific translator who translated volumes of literature before her retirement in 1934. She courted a whole lot of controversy during the course of her work as she was accused of leaving out words or phrases she didn’t understand making her work controversial at that time

Gregory Rabbassa

He was known to translate literature form Spanish as well as Portuguese to English. He translated for some Latin American greats like Jorge Amado, Julio Cortazr among others. In fact, he had a unique translations skills to the extent that one of the people he translated his work had to wait for 3 years to get his work translated.

Other translators that have made their mark include Jorge Borges, St Jerome, Sir Richard Burton etc… Translation is now a big business and in places like Dubai which is attracting high profile business visitors from all over the world, you may need to get translation services in Dubai in order to carry out effective communication in your business, marketing, education etc…


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