We provide many translation services including: legal translation, marketing translation, medical translation, financial translation, technical translation and many more..

Translation Services

The result is a technical and commercial translation services company, based in the Emirate of Dubai, which understands your need for speed, works for a fair price and respects your reputation. Through a global team of 33 linguists, partners and colleagues, we can handle an astonishing ten million-plus word of translation services per month.

With this extraordinary translation service capacity and with repeat business running at 98%, quality and customer satisfaction is high. They’re achieved through bespoke and complete package of translation services that includes, certified, business-oriented and much more.

Our aim is bulletproof translation services delivered on time and on budget. That’s why qualified translation professionals double-check your work and protect your reputation. And that’s success in anyone’s language.

Translation Gate Services – we help companies to show a professional work and protect their reputation.

Poor professional translation services can very easily make your business look foolish. A good translation service can be the difference between success and failure. It can undermine your company, and destroy your reputation and revenue.

At Translation Gate Services in Dubai, our linguists know there’s more to professional translation services than mere words. We have the ability to provide specialist translators in different areas of expertise such as legal, technical, commercial and scientific translation services.

At Translation Gate Services we firmly believe that perfect translation services oil the wheels of international business. Translation services bring governments, countries, businesses, individuals, and families closer together.

    Language Services

    We can help businesses and individuals by translating any type of documents from and to the following languages.

    English – Arabic – Urdu – Hindi – Russian – French – Spanish – Portuguese – Chinese – Bengali – Tagalog/Filipino – Japanese – Punjabi – German – Malay – Telugu – Vietnamese – Korean – Turkish – Italian – Thai – Persian – Polish – Ukrainian – Romanian – Dutch – Nepali – Hungarian – Greek – Swedish

    And many more…

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    Legal Translation

    Certified translation, sometimes called “legal translation” or “sworn translation”, is one of our most-requested services, due to the fact that a certified translation is formally verified and can be used for official and legal purposes.

    Documents that typically require a certified translator or a sworn translator include birth certificates, marriage documents, divorce certificates and university degrees. To ensure accuracy and legitimacy, your certified translator or sworn translator will be experienced, skilled and registered with the necessary translation authorities.

    With certified translation it is essential that accuracy is the highest priority. Your certified translator or sworn translator will check, re-check and check again to ensure the document for certified translation is 100% accurate.

    Sworn Translation

    We have sworn and licensed translators to provide legal translation accredited by the UAE’s Ministry of Justice and are registered members of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) which means that all of our translations attest to the professional translation requirements of the Association and are fully certified. Each certified translation is stamped and allocated a unique reference number for immediate identification by your certified translator.

    Certified Translation

    Another service frequently called upon is the provision of an affidavit. This means that once Translation Gate Services has translated a document, the certified translator or sworn translator who carried out the work will have it signed off in person by himself/herself as a legal translator under Oath, verifying the accuracy of the certified translation. What this means is that the certified translation document is legally sound and can therefore be used in legal proceedings.

    At Translation Gate Services we carry our certified translation services for a large range of languages. Some of the most frequently requested languages include Italian, Arabic, English, Chinese, French, Russian, Urdu, German and Persian. However, languages such as Polish, Russian, Greek, Dutch and Swedish are also all available for certified translation.

    Businessmen Services

    In both a challenging economic environment and a period of market expansion, you need an experienced translations provider to help you accomplish your business translation needs. Translation Gate Services works with large, medium and small companies on a daily basis for all their business translations requirements. Having a multinational/multicultural footprint is an absolute must in today’s global economy. To compete effectively, you and your organization will need high-quality translation services to support your business activities.

    Our Businessmen Services


    Translating documents related to establishing of Trade Companies and obtaining all kinds of licenses (from A to Z).


    Preparing of Memorandum of Association, Contracts, General and Special Power of Attorney and all other agreements.


    Attestation of all Local and International Documents, Certificates, Contracts, agreements.


    Typing of all kinds of researches, trade and governmental correspondences, and all other secretarial services in two languages (Arabic and English).

    why businessmen choose us?


    We provide our services with a strict deadline, and we try always to be on time.

    High Quality

    Our quality is not questionable, we provide our clients the highest quality services.

    Full Range of Services

    We offer high quality full-service in the translation and language services field.

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    Certificates Attestation

    For immigration, embassies, courts, notary Public, wills, etc…

    For documents issued within and outside UAE

    Attesting your certificates is the first essential step you will have to take when relocating to other countries.  Without proper documentation, not only will it be hard for you to relocate, but also staying in a foreign land will prove to be a hell on earth. Once you are through with documentation, the next step it to authenticate your documents. Duly authorized documents are often one of the core requirements for significant transactions in the city of Dubai. Transactions may include looking for employment or changing your social status or even renewing your visa.

    If you are not aware of the full attestation process, authenticating your certificates may prove to be a draining and daunting ordeal, and it is advisable that you conduct a professional body to help you go through the process.

    At certificate attestation services in Dubai, we give highly professional services at very affordable prices and are devoted to providing unrivaled services to our customers without compromising our quality. We have a fundamental process in place to ensure that all our customer’s applications are approved on the first try. Knowing how important attestation is to an individual, we do our best not only to make it fast but also to make right. Through our experience, we have acquired an in-depth comprehension of the legislative configuration and regulations of the local government.

    We do know that the government of Dubai keeps updating the process of the attestation of certificates for security purposes, and we as well update our services to keep on track with the ever-changing requirements. As a result, we at Certificate Attestation services Dubai make sure that we keep our professionals up to date on any adjustments made to the process. Whether you want to attest your certificate or to authorize your affidavit, our well trained and competent staff is sure to handle your particular needs effectively and efficiently. You can get in touch with us for consultation on the quotes regarding your needs, and we will gladly comply with you. We also assist in all PRO work and all other documentation services. We give you the chance to keep an eye on how things are going on by allowing you to follow your status and regularly updating you, and we offer fast delivery and collection within known addresses in Dubai.

    Authentication and validation are required for various documents, and our services cover documents such as:

    • Affidavit
    • Marriage certificate
    • Power of attorney
    • Birth certificate
    • Death certificate
    • Graduation diploma or degrees
    • Wills (for Non-Muslims)

    Interpretation Services

    Interpretation is a service most popular amongst corporate clients and large organizations. This is due to simultaneous interpreting being frequently used for conferences, large business meetings and smaller business meeting for example board or directors or committee meetings.

    Interpretation is a highly specialized area of translation which demands complete and accurate translation, orally and at the same rate of speech as the speaker, with very short lag time. To master interpretation requires the language and culture to be completely mastered. Knowledge of the topic being discussed must also be had, and above all training and experience.

    Translation Gate Services offers an interpreting service for situations involving large and small audiences. Whether a foreign delegate’s speech needs to be interpreted for a large crowd or just whispered to some people or an individual, we have the perfect solution for you.

    Interpreting has also been described as whispering interpretation and is quite popular for site visits. If for example a manufacturing business is based in the Dubai and has European owners who want to visit a factory, interpreting may be best adopted by whispering because they are on the move for long periods.

    Our large interpreting group services are available to conferences and large meetings. In a large group setting, our simultaneous interpreting services are tailored to your individual needs. We have the expertise and the equipment to ensure your conference or meeting operates smoothly.

    Translation Gate Services interpreting teams work closely with our clients to ensure accurate and consistent interpretation tailored for your event.


    Subject matter specialists for business interpreting

    Court interpreters

    Specialist medical and legal interpreters

    Voiceover artists

    Local dialect interpreters


    Local dialects and cultural matching

    Telephone interpreting

    Studio recording and production facilities

    Telephone and online interpreting technology

    Conference interpreting

    Simultaneous interpreting

    Consecutive interpreting


    Legal interviews and court appearances

    Conferences and events

    Medical appointments and emergency interpreting

    Business to business interpreting

    Media interpreting

    Focus groups

    Corporate video



    Gaming and online media

    Explainer videos

    reliable & professional

    Legal interpretation

    Legally compliant interpreting

    Medical Interpretation

    Medical treatment accuracy and patient welfare

    Business Interpretation

    Improved business liaisons

    Media Interpretation

    Multilingual media distribution

    Proofreading Services

    Proofreading Services

    Proofreading services exist to ensure that your documents are free of embarrassing mistakes before they go to press or online. Proofreading is a skill that requires a real eye for detail and in depth knowledge of your audience or target market which gives our proofreading services a cutting edge.

    At Translation Gate Services we have extensive experience of providing proofreading services for companies, large organizations and individuals. Our editors not only check multilingual material to correct errors in grammar and spelling but, most importantly, they review the text according to your company’s guidelines.

    Translation Gate Services editors work closely with our clients to ensure an accurate, speedy and tailored delivery of our proofreading services, which is often essential in matters of business and law.

    Proofreading Editing Service

    The very best proofreading services know how to follow the rules, but also understand when to break them for good effect. Proofreading services are indispensable in a highly competitive economic environment and copy editing is your last defense line against bad writing.

    To provide proofreading services our editors come from backgrounds as diverse as Marketing and Journalism, our proofreading editors can also give you practical guidance or craft your message in such a way it will maximize the impact on your audience.

    Our proofreading services also include keeping an eye out for libel (defamatory untruths that could lead to lawsuits) and errors of fact. Being extremely detail-focused, our editors are familiar with a variety of resources like word processing software, style guides and dictionaries.

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    Typing and Transcription

    Typing Service

    We create professional and standard correspondence such as letters, reports, manuscripts, contracts/agreements, memorandum of association, article of association, power of attorney, certificates, newsletters, term papers, books, mailing lists, memoirs, theses, proposals, manuals and etc… in a good format with sense.

    Transcription Service

    We transcript also business meetings, seminars, correspondence, interviews, reports, background notes, manuscripts, books, memoirs, theses, business proposals and etc… in a high understanding, comprehension and accurate typography.

    Transcription may be submitted on audio tapes, CD, DVD, mp3, mp4 or any digital formats.

    Translation Gate Services in Dubai provide typing and transcription services with our professional, qualified and fastest typists ranging in the speed of 100 to 130 word per minute in the following fields:

    Complete Typing


    Secretarial Works

    Virtual Assistant

    Proofreading and

    Data Entry Services

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