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Interpretation Services

Interpretation is a service most popular amongst corporate clients and large organizations. This is due to simultaneous interpreting being frequently used for conferences, large business meetings and smaller business meeting for example board or directors or committee meetings.

Interpretation is a highly specialized area of translation which demands complete and accurate translation, orally and at the same rate of speech as the speaker, with very short lag time. To master interpretation requires the language and culture to be completely mastered. Knowledge of the topic being discussed must also be had, and above all training and experience.

Translation Gate Services offers an interpreting service for situations involving large and small audiences. Whether a foreign delegate’s speech needs to be interpreted for a large crowd or just whispered to some people or an individual, we have the perfect solution for you.

Interpreting has also been described as whispering interpretation and is quite popular for site visits. If for example a manufacturing business is based in the Dubai and has European owners who want to visit a factory, interpreting may be best adopted by whispering because they are on the move for long periods.

Our large interpreting group services are available to conferences and large meetings. In a large group setting, our simultaneous interpreting services are tailored to your individual needs. We have the expertise and the equipment to ensure your conference or meeting operates smoothly.

Translation Gate Services interpreting teams work closely with our clients to ensure accurate and consistent interpretation tailored for your event.


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Typing and Transcription

Typing Service

We create professional and standard correspondence such as letters, reports, manuscripts, contracts/agreements, memorandum of association, article of association, power of attorney, certificates, newsletters, term papers, books, mailing lists, memoirs, theses, proposals, manuals and etc… in a good format with sense.

Transcription Service

We transcript also business meetings, seminars, correspondence, interviews, reports, background notes, manuscripts, books, memoirs, theses, business proposals and etc… in a high understanding, comprehension and accurate typography.

Transcription may be submitted on audio tapes, CD, DVD, mp3, mp4 or any digital formats.

Translation Gate Services in Dubai provide typing and transcription services with our professional, qualified and fastest typists ranging in the speed of 100 to 130 word per minute in the following fields:

Complete Typing


Secretarial Works

Virtual Assistant

Proofreading and

Data Entry Services

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